>Dead laptop

>Dead laptop

>Nothing like starting the day with a dead laptop. Well here I am – in Japan. And my main work laptop is dead. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “>Dead laptop

  1. >Bummer. Was that the Vaio already? I hope the infamous acpi-support bug wasn’t responsible?

  2. >No ’twas my venerable Dell 630m which has probably been my favourite laptop since having Gutsy on it – even more so since having Hardy. It’s been on 24 hours a day for the last two years pretty much. Going to see if I can just replace the hard disk but partly thinking about getting a MacBook here. World wide warranty, US keyboard (which I prefer on Macs to the UK ones), pretty light and cheap. I could always run Hardy on it if I can’t get used to Lepoard 🙂

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