>Magical Otters @ Misfits, Nagoya May 16th, 2008

>Magical Otters @ Misfits, Nagoya May 16th, 2008


On Friday Brian Cullen and the Magical Otters got back together again to provide their usual brand of drunken inspirational shouting and yelling and banging things. Ah – sorry. No, that’s what I do. The other, rather more accomplished musicians, struggle bravely on whilst I let out months of pent out aggression and drink copious amounts of beer. Although in my advancing years the amounts are slowly declining.

As always we prepare meticulously by turning up an hour beforehand and try to get the drums working. In this case I think I finally managed to get sounds from them about ten minutes before we were due to start and get them mostly working at the appointed time. Therefore our rehearsals started at the point of the first song in the set. I’m sure nobody noticed ;).

Anyway – here’s just a taste of that night – a real life Otter’s set right down to the high fidelity sounds and blurred vision. Yes, I know it says June 2008 but we can move in time you know … see you at Shooters on the 6th of June 2008.

More Otter’s stuff at Brian’s site … http://briancullen.blogspot.com/

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