>8 Things We Hate About IT

>8 Things We Hate About IT

>I just read this and noticed one of the comments at the end of it.

Did you write the first draft of this article in crayon? The only point made here that even approaches a fundamental understanding with the current reality of actual IT experience is the fact that 75% of the guys are approaching 40 years of age and haven’t the slightest bit of motivation to learn new things.

I find the idea that as you approach 40 you lose motivation to learn new things to be boggling. My big problem at the moment is my motivation to learn new things is stronger than ever but the time I have to sit and focus on such things is pretty minimal.

I head back to the UK tomorrow morning and of the books I brought here to read I’ve managed to complete about 0.25% (if I’m feeling generous).

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  1. >Agreed. It certainly doesn’t describe this 42 year old. I think there’s a huge difference between people who learn new skills and acquire new knowledge principally as a means to a more comfortable life, and those who would do it anyway for its own sake regardless of the material rewards.

    I can only assume the commenter has known/worked with the former type of person predominantly.

    That said, I’m definitely more targeted in what I learn these days, for the same reason that you state. My lack of spare time means that I have to make sure that I “put the bullets where the Indians are”, as they used to say.

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