>Snow Leopard and 32bit 64bit Psycopg woes

>Snow Leopard and 32bit 64bit Psycopg woes


Ah yes, let’s quickly do some work this morning. How soon that turns into watching multiple parts of your development environment fail.

I want to pull some data from a Microsoft SQL Server and into Postgres using Python/Django. The ODBC drivers come from http://www.actualtechnologies.com and I paid 30 quid for a small license that allows 5 concurrent users. It’s only me using it so I only need one so that’s cool. I say 30 quid -that’s forĀ  Mac. If you want to use their Linux version it will be somewhere around 600 quid. Hey ho. Well ok – I’ll just do this on a Mac then.

Now the problems start. Basically, the ODBC drivers won’t work with 64 bit apps. OK, So I’ll force my Snow Leopard python into 32 bit mode using.

jlp:~ icottee$ defaults write com.apple.versioner.python Prefer-32-Bit -bool yes

Now psycopg2 won’t work. And I spend some time faffing around. Eventually I discover to get psycopg2 to work you’ll need to get yourself a 32 bit version of postgres. So the magic rule is download the code for postgres, configure and make install it AFTER you have done:

export CC="gcc -arch i386"

Now you reinstall psycopg2 and wahey you can at last get on with what you were supposed to be doing.

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