>Chester Zoo

>Chester Zoo


Headed to Chester Zoo today, not been there for a year or so. Birthday treat for Alisa (four on Tuesday) and she really enjoyed, as did we all. As a grumpy old man I do wonder why things are so expensive. Five of us meant a family ticket plus another child ticket. And by default they give you the price with a 10% voluntary contribution added came to £67.45. They do ask if that’s OK but the pressure is then on you to decline and feel like a grumpy git.

If you ever go to the Zoo can I recommend the bats and the butterflies. OK, they don’t sound the exciting but both get you close to the action. Exhausted now, time for some cider.

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  1. >Calling it a voluntary contribution when it's effectively coerced is not on, IMO. It's a cynical scam that enables the zoo to advertise cheaper entrance prices than those they intend to embarrass you into paying.

    No doubt the revenue is for worthy causes, but given the reduction of goodwill that this will inevitably lead to, it's pretty short-sighted IMO.

  2. I forgot to meniton that the Vulgate citation for 2 Peter 1:2 above is from the Weber-Gryson Nova Vulgata Latina. As expected, the Clementine Vulgate uses the later Latin form rationabilis. As an aside, I have often wondered why the New Vulgate revisers often changed certain late Latin words to a corresponding classical form without necessity. This particular classical reversion does not bring the Latin text any closer to the Greek. Nevertheless, the New Vulgate is today’s status quo. Is what it is , I suppose.

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