>Strange Shinto Days

>Strange Shinto Days

>There was some kind of meeting in the shrine today. I have no idea what it was about and would not bother to ask. It didn’t sound like the most interesting event in the history of Shinto but seemed to involve a lot of priests and study and talking.

Strange that I should view such a thing as strange. It’s a religion, people have views, I guess things need to be discussed. When I came back from the park with the kids I smiled and bowed to the people outside just in case I knew them. No reaction at all. A lot of strangers.

So a lot of people came to the shrine today to discuss ‘Shinto things’. It’s a religion – that’s what people do.

This evening I had some wine and some beers, went to bed late. Not long after I fell asleep Akemi woke me up. The alarm that triggers when somebody had come into the shrine had sounded (I didn’t hear, I was totally asleep) and Akemi said she thought there was a candle outside the shrine. I looked out the window at the candle. Looked like a light bulb to me – in a strange place. I went into the shrine and nothing human or supernatural jumped on top of me. When I came back upstairs Akemi thought the light might be a reflection from the illumination of one of the ‘things’ outside. She’s probably right.

There’s a story about that alarm but I’ll tell it another time.

And I’m lying in bed now, wondering why I call the ‘thing’ outside a ‘thing’. Why the hell don’t I know what it is?

I’m also thinking I love superstition even though I don’t “believe” in it. Makes life a little spicier.

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