>scan.co.uk good … laptopstuff.co.uk bad

>scan.co.uk good … laptopstuff.co.uk bad


If you ever decide to buy something from laptopstuff.co.uk, good luck. Having been asked to provide proof of my billing address as the card company claimed they didn’t know it (um, I’ve lived there three years), I scanned the documents, sent them in and was still ignored. After venting after three days (I had asked for next day delivery originally) I was informed cheerfully the goods were not in stock and would I like to change the order. It took them over a day to acknowledge that no, I was cancelling the order immediately.

In effect they lied, asking for proof of billing to delay, whilst waiting for goods to come into stock. Absolutely pathetic. And as one of those new modern companies who don’t take phone calls in order to cut costs and give you the “best price”, you’ll happily shout into a vacuum.

On the other side of the coin scan.co.uk. These people are just the business. Whenever I have ordered from them everything has gone like clockwork. Very heavily recommended. All it needs is honesty and good communication.

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