>Amicus18 / Netduino / Arduino

>Amicus18 / Netduino / Arduino


OK, whilst I am here, there’s another addition. The Amicus18 could be considered an Arduino with a PIC processor. Once again, the Amicus18 homepage at http://www.myamicus.co.uk/ gives the summary:

Amicus is a multifunction development system inspired by the popular Arduino board, however, the Amicus board uses a Microchip PIC®microcontroller instead of an Atmel AVRtm type

For the moment I am going to focus on the Arduino, learn some .NET and do some Netduino and then play with the Amicus18 in any spare time. Would like to do some assembler with that one. So here’s the current family.

Just one more to join – coming soon.

By the way, the breadboards on the Amicus and Arduino come from Oomlout. They make me happy (the company and the board). Also recommended are Cool Components, where the Netduino came from and Proto-Pic who supplied the Amicus18.  Great service from all three of them.

One more I want to pick up …

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  1. >I also have recently ( last week) purchased an Arduino Uno. I also have an Amicus 18 that I have done a little work with. There appear to be much more pojects and tutorials on the Arduino, so i am hoping to pick up better programming tips / skills from this. I think having both platforms , even though we are talking two languages may be beneficial. Programming is not natural to me , so I struggle with it.I visited your site a while back and will return again. Thanks for your posts.
    Bobby D

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